You should be aware of me. I am not who you think I am. I make claims, I have a face. But I am not who you think I am. For the past 2 years I’ve been cheating on my wife, I’m involved in BDSM websites and I pay for sex. In December I started sleeping with a woman named Jennifer Mason. She’s also married. In February, I ordered abusive sex toys online and had them delivered to my house where I live with my wife. At the same time I ordered those, I demanded that my wife pay more attention to me. This is what I mean about having two faces. I’m still pounding Jen’s ass, even though her husband found out and threatened to visit my home where I still live with my wife. But I don’t care. Would you like to see things I’ve done with Jen?
– Each time she ruins an orgasm, she get to sit on my face and ride my face to orgasm. We go back and forth til one of us calls mercy
– Walk in tell me if you’re dressed. If not, get dressed. Heavy kissing petting. Then, ask if she knows safe words. Turn around. Face wall. Do not look away from wall. Hands at side. Bind them. Rub her. Make her sit on her feet, kneeling. Knees spread. Vibrate to edge. Then hand spank with rubbing and vibing over your lap. Edging more. Jewelry. Allow to cum only now. Then ravage her, face to floor from behind, in front of mirror so she could watch. She’s welcome to cum all she wants, that this part is all about me.
-Starts like this, since that’s what I knew would happen. I pictured you in something tight, but only showing your gorgeous curves. But you blindfold me before I get to enjoy your beauty. You’d bring me to the edge and stop and make me service you in ways I haven’t yet. Bent over, rubbing your pussy in my face like I’m nothing but a toy. You using me the way you want to. After I make you cum enough, you let me cum but stop just as I do so I don’t get pleasure from it and don’t lose my libido. Any that got on your hand or on your body, you make me lick clean. You spank me for cumming and making a mess. You start nice and sensual but get into like you didn’t think you would. I cry a little before I finally beg for mercy. You give me a few extra for good measure. You make me stay in my bent over position and begin sticking your finger in my backside, determined to drain me with only prostate massage
In March Jen and I did it in my bed at home, where my wife sleeps.
Melanie left me yesterday. Today I paid for her AIDS and STD testing at planned parenthood.
So when you listen to my poem called “get over it,” remember that you don’t know the whole story.