Car Door Chime: An Essay

The world does not go out with an explosion or with a whimper, but with the sound of a car door bell echoing through time and space.

The voiceless walk aimlessly. The once voiced go silent and stand in shock. Those who once thought themselves martyrs for goodwill and great possibilities now carry extra burdens on their backs, hoping all will not be for nothing.

All the while, people die. Either because you did not do what you could — or because they were unfortunate enough to be killed before your time came.

I assume this is how the Chinese people felt after Mao did what I think he did. Or how Germans felt after Hitler got elected. I say assume because I cannot go and look these things up.

To wonder what you can say that won’t get you murdered or disappeared or seen as treasonous and beaten in the streets as a public reminder of what it means to speak anything out of line has its own weight that slowly suffocates. 

To see the world for what it truly is. To see law and order for what it is. But be shackled by fear and need for survival.

Where does one draw the line between serving one’s country with serving oneself? How does one juxtapose fleeing to fight another day with watching the ones you’re obligated by morality to protect whither in the alleyways of humanity and shrivel in gutters you helped pave by remaining silent in hopes that your words would eventually make it into the hands of the young and full of heart.

The strangest part of all of this, at least at the moment, for me, is that this nation chose this. That democracy is as broken as much as we thought it was the savior of mankind. It was democracy that brought the Holy Roman Empire. It was democracy that brought Nazi Germany, Maoist China, the rise of the militant Middle East, the rape and destruction of the African continent, the pillage and torture of the native peoples of the Americas, and the fall of what used to be coined the bastion of hope for the West, for the World, and for mankind.

Democracy did not create war or even the worst war has to offer (sadly, I fear that has yet to be seen in its entirety) or discrimination. It did, and does, however, legitimate it in ways that kings and dictators only dream about in the sickest masturbation circle jerks of totalitarianism wet dreams. The worst part isn’t even the legitimization of hate and war and destruction for the betterment of goodwill toward whatever you think mankind actually means. No.

The worst part is that in the end, the pendulum will swing ever so slightly toward the righteous path again. And when it does, democrats the world over will claim the previous millennia to be a mistake that has now corrected itself.

Interestingly, when these instances of pseudo-open-mindedness rear their ugly heads and humanity stands at the precipice and stand at the edge and look out over the torment it left in its wake, it will smell its own fart and call it lavender sunshine and double rainbows. It will then whip out its collective cocks and urinate upon the heads of its predecessors before closing their eyes, thinking of themselves naked, and wanking off as the take that last step. All the while saying out loud that it was all in the name of freedom and democracy.

Who was it that said those who believe themselves most free are the least free of all? Again, I would research this, but it has nothing to do with a Kardashian or insignificant action movie or TV show therefore it has no place in the public sphere we call the Internet.

Humanity would much rather insist the emperor has new clothes and blame the mistakes of the past as being the past and mistakes rather than implicate itself in the sin that is self-mutilation.

When all is said and done, when the proverbial and physical dust settles, when you go to work tomorrow and when you come home from work and turn on Netflix to watch the recently added full season of Bullshit-topia, this yet again another seeming tipping point will fester and wallow until it fades into the background behind stupidity and opiates we call modern entertainment. The colosseum we pay $15 a month for the privilege, nay, the right, to ingest, is a cage of solitude. It’s where humanity goes out, not with a whimper, or an explosion, but with eerie, continuous chime of the car door left open.