Apartment Hunting and Lovecraft

Completely separate events, as much as I’m disappointed by this revelation. Though, given the terribly expensive apartments that came with giant cockroaches running around IN THE DAYTIME, one could easily see the macabre in our search for a new abode.

After a year of living in absolute squalor inside a studio apartment better suited for Guatemalan ghetto, we decided it time to move out into the world and pretend to be grown ups. Three weeks into apartment hunting, we realized, you cannot enjoy ‘nice’ for anything under a BILLION dollars a month. And, since we have student loans valued at 1/3 our income, a billion dollars a month is, how shall I say, impractical.

This weekend, however, we’ve decided on an apartment that is by far too expensive but by far the best place we could possibly afford. By ‘best place’, I mean place that cometh with no bugs or wretched stenches or gang members waiting just outside the door for your wallet and newborn child. By ‘place we could possibly afford’, I mean if we so much as stub a toe, the medical bills will draw us into the poorhouse.

The 24th will be a new beginning for us. No bugs. No neighbors so drunk they speak with a drool and make little sense. No neighbors that play music so loud that we can use our Soundhound App to determine what latest techno garbage he’s forcing us to indulge. No tiny ankle biting dogs clambering across the hardwood floors just overhead every morning like marbles dropped from some child’s bag of goodies.

God, what I wouldn’t do to not have to wake up and look both ways before setting my feet down on floor to take a shower. What I wouldn’t give to no inhale gallons of boric acid lining our walls and floors to kill all the massive frog-legged roaches that manage to squeeze through the windows or under these ancient doors. No more yelling “SHOE” every evening while trying to wind down after a long day.

Now, I promised you all Lovecraft as well. Assuming you wanted more than the scary picture I’ve painted you just then, you may be happy to know I’m reading a collection of short stories by this literary mastermind. I’ve read him before and will read him again. His stories themselves are less then exciting. What I enjoy is his way with words. It’s rare I find a writer who describes things to such degree without nauseating me. His sentences are like pure poetry.

That is all for now.

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