Baseball Season Officially Begins

Few of my readers probably care, but this week started officially started the Baseball season!

Living in Albuquerque, I’m pushed to liking the Albuquerque Isotopes (and yes, they took their name from The Simpsons episodes that reference the same team name). The Topes are actually a lot of fun. “The Lab” stadium was voted one of the best in Minor League Baseball, they are a Dodgers farm team, and their mascot, Orbit, is a hoot who won last year’s mascot contest.

Until we moved to Albuquerque, I hadn’t been to a ballgame since I was young enough to get away with wearing a superman outfit in public (though I never did…I was never allowed to). Now we make it a point to go whenever we can.

So, be prepared to hear a lot over the coming months about how I’m not writing as much as I should.

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