Beta Reading and Editing

As little work as I’ve done over the last few days, I sure have been through a lot.

Finished another great book. I’ve had really good luck with books as of late.

Also, an author I follow on Twitter asked for Beta-Readers for a short story. To keep anonymity, I’m not giving either his name or the name or plot of his story. That said, I had much fun reading it. Weirdly, I enjoy editing fiction and non-fiction. Wish there was money to be made there.

Editing? That’s right. After a two hour flogging in critique group regarding my whole manuscript for “The Unpeople”, they gave me many great suggestions and gently let me know some of my ideas just did not work. Editing is painful and I hate it, but the first few pages are already coming to life!

Until my next update, enjoy writing and read everything you can get your hands on.

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