Book in a Week and Other Awesome Newses

Several important writing-focused events happened this week for me.

1. Book in a Week: I stumbled on this awesome website, well, to be fair, my partner stumbled on Book in a Week for me. It’s a website for writers who can’t get enough of NaNoWriMo sorts of self-loathing deadlines. I apparently don’t write crap unless I have strict deadlines. Which is funny since, when I have deadlines, I write crap. Lots of it.

Following the mantra of BIC HOK TAM (Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard, Typing Away Madly), you write like a fiend for 1 week and then spend the rest of the month recovering and editing what you slapped together over 7 days. BRILLIANT.

2. I started my own Meetup group inside ABQ Ink Slingers for novel writers. The writer Meetup I had been attending and will continue to attend became too popular and needed to be split into two. I took that challenge and ran with it. Now I have an obligation to show up to meetings with new material every week. DAMN.

3. Finished my CASA court report this past week. Court report writing is the opposite of fun writing. But it’s a necessary evil.

4. And finally…I’ve written a lengthy outline for my next novel, the one I’m writing for this month’s Book in a Week that starts tomorrow morning. I’m scared about this novel. It’s complicated. There are many important and well-rounded characters. Even the plotline is complex and I’m afraid this one might fall apart midway through.

But who the hell ever made it anywhere without being willing to fall flat on their face every now and then? Nobody! That’s who!

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