Burn Marxism in Oil

Today’s episode of DemocracyNow! included an interview with Steve Coll on findings from his new book Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power. For those who haven’t read it or even watched Monday May 7th, 2012’s episode of DemocracyNow!, the highly dumbed down version of Steve Coll’s premise is that ExxonMobil not only has more power than any other entity in the U.S. and wields it magnificently, but it exists as its own sovereign. It is, by itself, in large part to its immense financial pocket, a state with only itself as a legal citizen. Because of its sovereign status, it exudes the same pleasures that come in this age of Stateism. Those pleasures include an almost blanket amnesty for any terrible thing it does.

What’s worse? ExxonMobil runs around the world hiding behind ‘capitalism’ and the interest of the states it manipulates. It creates war. It creates powerful governments. It profits from both sides of those battles. And only the poor of these countries pay…with their lives.

But, wait…this can’t be true. This is just the fantasy of a rogue pseudo-reporter hellbent on hating capitalism and success. Right? Well, assuming you are naive enough to simply assume your own opinions outweigh research and logic, then maybe a movie by the profound and award winning director shall change your mind.

Burn! which was 1969 film by director Gillo Pontecorvo, is a fictional story based almost on reality. Oddly enough, it’s the same story. Only, change the name of the lead character and change the natural resource this being fought over. The outcome remains the same:

The American Corporation, here ExxonMobil get’s to be the scapegoat, sells war and, in return for bringing tyrannical governments to power and wealth, they profit off the dead on BOTH sides of the war.

Well played, corporations. Well played.

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