Chicago’s Best: Uncle Chach

Having traveled to many small town and big town places around much of the country, I live for the few moments out of life when you meet that special someone. Sometimes it’s a small restaurant in Glendale, Wisconsin where a husband and wife make most everything from scratch (Irina’s Kitchen). Other times it’s a small town history museum in Nunn, Colorado where the locals ask you to a BBQ just for being in the area at the time the meat was coming off the grill. And then there’s Uncle Chach in Chicago.

I generally steer clear of popular places. They tend to be too cookie cutter for me. But when in Chicago, you have to eat Chicago style pizza.

Pizano’s Pizza has a few locations throughout the Chicago area. The pizza isn’t bad. I can’t say I love it to death. But in terms of pizza, this is great pizza. I still have a special place in my heart for Johnny’s Pizza in Brooklyn, Connecticut. But that’s not why we went back to Pizano’s this past week. No, we went to see Uncle Chach.

Really our uncle? Not biologically. But ask me in person, and I’ll tell you I got family in Chicago.

Sad part is, I don’t even know how to describe this amazing man. He’s friendly, he’s personable, he’s outgoing, and he’s straight Chicago style guy.

When he found out we came from Colorado and New Mexico just to see him, he stayed and chatted with us even though it was a busy night. He told us so many stories that neighboring tables stopped chewing to listen in.

My father and law and I still quote Uncle Chach since we met him three years ago. Need a hand with something? “Absolutely!” in real Chicago accent and attitude. Got a problem with me? “Tell’m Uncle Chach said he’s OK in my book!” Want to compliment me? “Hey, if anyone asks, I don’t know nothin’!”

I’ve only found a handful of servers or owners that have quite pizzazz and friendliness that comes naturally from Uncle Chach. If you’re ever in Chicago, please, I beg you to go to Pizano’s Pizza 864 North State Street. Even if you don’t get Uncle Chach, if he’s working, you’ll get to witness him. Because that’s what you do, you WITNESS him.

7 thoughts on “Chicago’s Best: Uncle Chach

  1. We met Uncle Chach just few hours ago and bang we looked on internet about him.
    Every words of yours is so right about him. We are from Vancouver and were in Chicago for a conference.
    Can’t wait to experience his divine presence again.

    1. SO happy to hear this! I hadn’t been able to find much about Uncle Chach when I wrote this, but every time we go to Chicago, we stop in for the experience!

  2. My friend and I were just there earlier tonight and had the Chach as our server. What a pleasure to meet him. An absolute delight! Genuine, funny, and very kind. Looking forward to going back.

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