Creativity Bleeding into other Media

Making the scrapbook for my partner’s collection of children’s stories made me painfully aware that what creativity I do have ceases to be useful once I step outside the role of storyteller.

I can’t make pretty scrapbook pages like she can. They are so dull. And, oddly, it hurts me to try to force this creativity.

Do other authors have this problem? I assume writers like Hemingway and J. D. Salinger only wrote. Can you imagine either one of them making scrapbooks? Maybe they sewed pretty things or knitted sweaters in between writing breathtaking novels.

Maybe not.

One thought on “Creativity Bleeding into other Media

  1. Dude, I got my BFA in Studio Art, many years ago. I was a photographer and painter. These days I play my 'cello. You heard me the other day. Much of what I play is improvisational; created on the spot, in the flow of time. I also write a little music, but most of our original stuff comes from another guy. I have many, many creative outlets.

    I know a banjo player from Florida who

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