Day 1 of NaNoWriMo

The day is not yet complete and I am already knee-deep in accomplishing the daily goal of 1700 words. I’m only off by about 75 words of my NaNoWriMo novel quota for today!

Part 1 of  “among Others” will come in the next post. Right now I believe a synopsis is in order.

I do brevity to the point of loss of comprehension, so my partner says. Yet here I am and I have nothing for a synopsis. I have this but don’t like it…

Dr. Collins came down with the flu, or so it seemed. When she realized she was infected with the same illness plaguing the entire state, she hid her condition. She ignored the world’s changing political and social pressures in exchange for the path of least resistance. But an act of aggression against her because of who she became pushed her into radical action toward the machine of hate.

Examining gender politics, identity politics, social norms, and what it means to be human by way of the age old horror genre of zombie infestations, this is not your typical zombie story. It turns this not-so-serious genre on its head asking what it means to be human. It questions our understanding of human nature.

Thoughts? Does it make you want, really NEED, to read this novel not yet written?

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