Day 3: Painted Desert & Winslow, AZ

Lost count of our mileage today. Somewhere in the vicinity of 200 miles though.

Two big stops today.

Painted Desert and the petrified forest was fun. The buttes and mesas were not as tall and numerous as those in the Badlands in South Dakota. However, the colors and petrified trees far outweighed the lack of quantity. Bright pinks, vibrant blues, loud purples, punchy oranges, and desert greens and browns were eye catching to say the least.

I really REALLY wanted to take some stones. But since the fine for taking anything was $325, I thought it best to leave everything where I found it.

Then we went to Winslow, AZ. Yes, that Winslow, AZ, from The Eagles song “Take it Easy”. And yes, I stood on the corner!

Then we walked around La Posada Hotel. It sits on the sight of an old Harvey House and has a great collection of art inside that anyone can visit for free.

From Winslow, we drove straight through to Flagstaff, an old lumber town gone university Hipster town. We got here too late to see much. But we did find out there are 4 breweries in town and lots of century old buildings to explore just here in town. So, of course we hit Flagstaff Brewing Co. on first day here!

Then we topped it off with frozen yogurt…Maple Bacon Donut flavored frozen yogurt!!!!! Well, I did. Melanie had all sorts of normal kinds like Raspberry and other boring flavors.

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