Editing "Owned" and Prepping for NaNoWriMo

The dreaded editing of “Owned” began today. I hate editing more than anything.

…More than asparagus tips.

…More than people asking me my opinion on politically charged current events when they learn I have a Masters in Political Science only to learn that they don’t want my opinion at all, they just want their opinion affirmed by a person with authority. (For the record, that authority, or their opinion of that authority is wiped clean when I tell them they’re wrong or even suggest such absurdity)

…More than…than…than people who say “She/He’s gay…but they’re a really nice person.” (Thanks for the qualifier.

…More than Alabama’s immigration law HB 56.

…More than North Dakota’s foster system that LEGALLY labeled all Native American children as “special needs”. Yes, it’s that disgusting. And the story only gets worse and worse the more you read it or listen to the story.

That’s how much I hate editing.

But it’s a necessary evil to any writing. Even bad writers have to edit. Good writers probably edit even more. F’ you good writers!

Now, NaNoWriMo starts on Tuesday. Those of you unaware of NaNoWriMo it’s the annual National Novel Writing Month. People the world over pick up their digitized pens and type their fingers off for the whole month of November. The goal? 50k words. Sounds easy, right? Try it!

That’s about 2k words a day! Which, if you are a full-time writer, that’s a breeze, or you’re not making any money. If you’re like most adults, though, you work 40+ hours a week. Try coming home from a hard days laboring, make dinner, feed the hogs, wash the car, pay the bills. Then, after all that’s completed, sit down and type a whole chapter to a story! BAM!

The point isn’t to write and edit and ponder. The point is to just write. Write whatever. Have a story idea and plant it down in digital space somewhere. It doesn’t even have to be good! Just write it!

Why the bizarre “write whatever crap comes to mind all the way to 50k” goal? Well, rumors are that most people who say they are going to write a book never do. Why? Because they never WRITE THE BOOK! Premise here is that if you force yourself to write that book, even if the grammar, sentence structure, and frankly everything, sucks, the story is on paper (figuratively speaking of course).

Once the story is finished. THEN, you can go back. Edit. Change. Fix. Regroup. Whatever.

Last year was my first year with NaNoWriMo. It was my first completed work of long fiction. I even managed to get the book to about 80k in the first editing phase. Alas, self-hatred convinced me to scrap the idea. Maybe I’ll come back to it. Concept was good. Still like that. The writing just sucked no matter how I rewrote it.

THIS year will be different as the famous saying goes, right before this year is just as humdrum as the year prior. This year i have the story outlined to some degree. I have the two main characters mapped out (per my partner’s demand), the setting well defined, the plot thickened, the ideas and points I want to hit on chiseled in a stone tablet over my desk.

With Owned completed, my fingers still wanted to type something but couldn’t come up with a story off the cuff. So you got the ramblings of a raving writing lunatic. Hope I didn’t disappoint.

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