Exciting Things in the Near Future

That’s right, readers! Two very exciting things are happening here in the coming weeks.

One: Restlessness has finally taken hold again. We are setting out this weekend for warmer and secluded-er pastures.

Two: In mid-February, I will be announcing the arrival of book two in a series of LGBT YA books by an author I’ve followed for some time now. She’s be making a stop by my blog in a “blog tour” around the globe.

Restlessness has been worming its way into my skull and into my feet for weeks now. Sure, Albuquerque is a small city, but I need to get out and get lost. This long holiday weekend we’re headed South to wherever the wind takes us.

We’re hoping for ancient ruins, canyons, petroglyphs, and local shops and restaurants galore. Where we stop? Who knows! But, you can bet you’ll be able to take part in our adventures. As usual, I’ll post all our amazing finds here.

Equally exciting, is the fact that I will have guest author on my blog! ‘We’re still hammering away at the details but we will certainly fill you all in as that February day approaches!

What else?

Oh, I’m struggling through a final (I hope) edit for my zombie novel The Unpeople. Although, I have to say, I’m exhausted with this story. I want to move on to either part 2 (which I have ideas and concepts in place already) or get back to working on Ride for Life or Owned by IT.

Restless sensations are overwhelming me on so many fronts, I can hardly contain myself.

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