Flash Fiction: "Fluffy"

Below is my newest flash fiction short story. It was for a local contest. The prompt was “a dead cat, a backyard and a sunset”. Have I mentioned lately how I am entirely INCAPABLE of happy stories???? Believe me, I don’t do it on purpose. So, if you’re not squeamish, and my readers shouldn’t be, then please proceed. If you are, and you continue…that’s your own fault.

Fluffy is my cat. He followed me everywhere. But mama says he can’t no more. She says he’s sleeping. But he stinks and won’t wake. I know she’s lying. Grown Ups always lie to get us kids to do things we don’t wanna. Today she says to leave Fluffy under our old Chevy in back. The red sun sky makes him look scary. He lays next to Max and Patches. Mama already came home with New Fluffy. Her name is Layla. Parents are stupid. I said before Max: I want a dog.

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