Grand Canyon Bound

This time next week my partner and I will be headed for the Grand Canyon. We will have about 9 days to get there, see the world, and get back to Albuquerque.

I say “headed for” the Grand Canyon because we have so many more places in mind between Albuquerque and the middle of Arizona. Painted desert, New Mexico Badlands, historical stuff in Grants, some Eagles song street corner in Arizona just off I-40, several other stellar canyons like Canyon de Chelly. So, if we make it to the Grand Canyon, so be it. All I care about is that we see everything between here and there that we haven’t seen before. Quite frankly, I prefer seeing all those OTHER places to the Grand Canyon.

Everyone goes to the Grand Canyon. The least fun places in the world are touristy places. Disney? Sucks and expensive. Sea World? Same idea. Resorts in Mexico or other Central or Latin American countries? Lame!

There’s only one other writer I know who gets us like we do. Max Grinnell is an urbanologist that loves traveling to small town America looking for all the cool hidden gems throughout the country.

So, traveling between Albuquerque and the middle Arizona…can you think of any great places we need to check out? Anything that’s on or around I-40??? I encourage you to give advice. The reward?

I will give you updates and constant blog posts that includes videos and pics during the whole trip. You can live vicariously through our silly traveling.

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