I Got Featured!

That’s right, fellow blogger and writer types, I am a featured writer in a blog post by Robin Kalinich. In her post, she talked highly, and quite undeservedly so, about me and let me shamelessly talk about myself. So, in true Internet Yo Dawg fashion, this is a blog post about someone else’s blog post.

I’m not going to go into detail about it. You can read the great things Kalinich said about me and the not so great things I said about myself by going to this blog link. You can also feast your eyes on some great artwork from Daniel Sprick.

Even before I’m published and making billions of dollars, I’m getting exposure. Maybe now agents will come beating down my door begging to represent me. I wonder if I’ll be vindictive enough to send them a rejection letter??? Perhaps I’ll make a form rejection letter and mail it to them six months after they query me begging to allow them to sell my stuff. Make the literary agents wait for the mailperson like some lost puppy dog aching for a doggy treat.

I’m guessing I’m just too tired to turn on my filter this evening. So, it’s probably time for a beer and a nap. Tomorrow is another day.

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