That’s my tag line, not Robin’s. So don’t blame her. But do check out her site here.

If you haven’t given Ink and Alchemy a look, you should. The Ink and Alchemy idea, pieced together by its creator Robin Kalinich, is that the best way for artists of all genres to get noticed is to, well, notice them.

Robin is an active artist and writer herself, but she spends at least as much time patting the backs of other great up and coming and better known artists and writers.

Ink and Alchemy might be mostly about art in the form that most think of, but she has a sister setup (More Ink) that focuses on the more on the less visual writing side of art.

Why do I bring all this up? Really, it’s because you’re really missing out on great art if you’re not heading over and checking out Robin’s featured artists on a regular basis.