Letters of Rejection and Acceptance

The hard truth about publishing of late is that the industry is overwhelmed with millions of “writers” running around handing out half written and barely edited nonsense now that one can write as easily as Tweet. That leads to agents and publications having to roll their crossed eyes at the billions of emails queries they get every day.

End result: Writers working their butts off to get into the biz have to send to hundreds, literally hundreds, of agents and publications in order to find that one door that’s open just a smidgen. With those

hundreds of emails, cold calls, and God forbid snail mail letters comes the one thing every

one hates more than anything: REJECTION.


You probably don’t need to be told t

hat writers are a lonely and solitary bunch. We lurk in the alleys and dark corners of bars. Every speck of engagement with the outside world and we cringe. We’re also emotional. Rejection hurts. And since it’s the ONLY feedback you get outside your group of family and friends who sigh when you hand them another “masterpiece” for their muted approval, it exacerbates the pain of that “Leave me ALONE” rejection.

But every gray overcast smog cloud has a touch of silver iodide. In this case, the fabled Acceptance letter.

As mythical as the jackalope and the chupacabra, the acceptance letter hides behind bushes and cares not for your health or well-being or even your financial situation. It pounces when you least expect it. They ALMOST make up for the torture associated with years of rejection and soul-searching at the bottom of countless bottles of alcohol.

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