Max Grinnell

An update to the first writing contest I ever won:

Yesterday Max Grinnell spoke at Albuquerque’s Central Library. Mr Grinnell put on the writing contest for local writers to bring attention to local writers and to garner support and attention for his own travel books. 
Max Grinnell is a very friendly person who’s presence exemplifies his college teaching abilities. His stories are fun, his understanding of small towns and people in general is acute to say the least.
After sharing with the audience his love of traveling without a car and without focusing on big box resorts, something I too feel a personal attraction to, he read the 3 winning entries to his writing contest. Having now heard someone else read my story “Us and Them” aloud, I’m quite impressed with my writing skills.
The winnings? As the 1st place winner (cough, cough, straighten tie), I received a 1953 Edition of Duncan Hines’ “Adventures in Good Eating”. 
Perhaps this sounds silly. And, to most, it probably is. However, I share the same love of traveling to small towns and enjoying all hidden gems in every nook and cranny around the U.S. So, this prize suits me better than even Mr. Grinnell could have thought. 
Okay, time to get back to editing my book “Cog”…

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