Met Kirt Hickman, he got me thinkin’

Kirt Hickman is a local Albuquerque Engineer gone sci-fi writer.

He was at a local Hastings attempting a book signing. Usually I feel sorry for book signing authors at bookstores. Most authors sit there at the front door all puppydog-eyed and lonely as people shuffle past, ignoring the poor old lady in the process.

Hickman on the other hand engaged us and every person who walked by him. What a salesman!

We spoke about his breaking into novel writing. Now he teaches seminars on writing fiction and has won local book awards left and right! He also shared the importance of using other writers to piggyback off of by using them for editing and all sorts of great “how to write” recommendations. He suggested Southwest Writers.

That got me thinkin’…

I need to get real feedback. I’ve hesitated getting any real feedback. The reason? Well, you see, I use to think I could write. Asking my partner to read it long before we married, she told me it was awful. Ever since she’s refused to read my stuff citing all the horrible attempts years ago.

Today I still can’t write for crap. BUT, I do believe my writing has improved significantly. Which, if I’m correct in that I still write crappy, that’s saying something about how bad my writing was previously.

So, I’m probably going to join Southwest Writers and also probably start going to a local meet-up group that I’ve joined but never gained the testicular fortitude to go. Time to buck up and just DO IT.

And, I have Kirt Hickman to thank for proverbially kicking me in the pants to get me started with the important OTHER part of writing…editing and feedback and self-selling.

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