NaNoWriMo coming soon!

That’s right! In little over a month, NaNoWriMo will suck the time and social lives of millions of writers and wannabe writers around the world. Among them is yours truly.

Having participated in NaNoWriMo the past two years (and won both years), I’m so excited! The first year had me writing a book that might never see the light of day EVER! But what happened changed my life.

It got influenced my writing bug to come out and play. Since that November in 2010, I’ve written nearly ever day, written two full books (one of which is going through its final editing phase before being sent to agents), and a dozen or so short stories.

What has NaNoWriMo taught me? A lot actually!

It taught me that I can write a book. Plain and simple.

NaNoWriMo taught me that writing every day does so many things to you. One, it ensures you ACTUALLY WRITE. Everyone I meet says “I’m working on a book.” To which I say, “Great, how far along are you?” Response: “Well, I haven’t actually started it. But it’s all up here in my brain.” Response: “Then you’re not a writer. You’re a dreamer. Now go back to sleep.”

Two, writing every day helps you break the fabled “writer’s block.” You just type. Keep typing. Whatever happens happens. If you write crap, that’s OK, you can backtrack and edit. But you can’t edit a blank page.

Three, practice actually does make perfect. I’ve never finished anything in my life. In school, I never joined a single group or extracurricular activity. Practice did not exist for me. Now, I know what practice really does. It does so much. It makes you a better writer. We all expect that. What I didn’t expect is that I makes you WANT to type more after a while. And, somehow, it keeps you coming up with new ideas.¬†Counter-intuitive, I know.

Rather than writing so much that I’d run out of ideas, it keeps my creativity flowing and new and awesomer ideas keep coming. I write nearly every day. And when I do, I write 3k or more. And I can’t keep up with my own ideas.

This year will be no different. An new story. Well, a story I’ve started but haven’t gotten very far with. It’s going to be my most complicated story. I’m very excited about it. Just like last year, You’ll be able to check in here for very rough first drafts. And actually, I think I’m going to open my story up to Google Docs users to watch the story as it arises. LIVE!!!

Stay tuned!

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