NaNoWriMo in Albuquerque just got SERIOUS

I’ve signed the paperwork.

NaNoWriMo 2013

The official NaNoWriMo Tips and Tricks (Pre-Kickoff) Talk will take place October 19th at Cherry Hills Library in Albuquerque. I, and maybe my co-Municipal Liaison, will give a talk on what NaNoWriMo is, why you should do it, and how you can succeed this year.

The room holds enough people (I hope).

I’ve also ordered the Albuquerque NaNoWriMo toolkit. It will arrive shortly. Stickers and other goodies, including a nerdy t-shirt and poster for moi!

The Official Kickoff party will likely be October 26th or 27th, maybe on the CNM campus. It will include a “Build Your Muse” or “Make your Monster Internal Editor.” Crafty things will be provided!

AND, in case you weren’t already pumped enough, I’m collecting a bunch of close friends to hold an unofficial, private competition this year. This will be my 4th year, but only my 2nd year with people I know outside of NaNoWriMo writing along side me. We had so much fun last year, that I decided to up the ante!

I can’t give away too many details. It’s a surprise for my friends. But let me say this much. There will be stuff, and things, and a whole lot of really nerdy writer goodness.

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