NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison-ship

This week I became an official NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison.

What that means:

It means I am 1 of 2 Go-To people in Albuquerque (and much of the rest of New Mexico) for National Novel Writing Month. I get to be a big writer nerd for one month out of the year. I can already see my wife rolling her eyes, as she knows I’m a writer nerd 12 months out of the year.

Why I’m doing it:

I fell in love with NaNoWriMo four years ago. Last year I tried to become an ML but looked into the idea too late. And, last year I manged to convince 5 friends to try it out. We ALL REACHED OUR GOAL! I must admit, I’m partially to blame for their current WIPs. ^_^

Also, I must admit, this opportunity, which has boat loads of benefits, not the least of which is helping/supporting other writers reach their goals this November and beyond. It also means I’m helping the broader writing community. It means I’m pushing myself even further into that community. It means I can try to make NaNoWriMo a little awesome-er.

Why you should too:

Ever say, “I’m a writer, I just haven’t found time, or my muse.”

Now’s your chance. Show your muse whose who! Join NaNoWriMo for 30 days of, in Mrs McGonagall’s words, well-mannered frivolity. And in the words of NaNoWriMo, some reckless abandon.

You don’t need to become an ML and it’s totally free. So come on down. Join the fun!

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