NaNoWriMo update

Nearly a week into NaNoWriMo and about 12k words.

“among Others” is taking on an amazing life of its own. Usually when a writer says this they are irritated a story is going further than they hoped or moving in a direction they are not excited about. My problem is the opposite of both.

1. Change of underlying plot. Intended this story to be one similar to “Battle of Algiers” suggesting terrorism is about much more than simply terrorism or a means to an end but a sophisticated attempt to create internal Others and constant remembrance of who you are and why you are hated.

What I’ve come up with is something closer to a feminism piece with overtones of hatred against homosexuality and gender politics in the Western patriarchy.

2. Strong Vibrant Characters. My stories tend to have a great idea surrounded by shallow storyline and flat characters. My partner demanded that before this year’s NaNoWriMo, I had to generate entire bios for each character. From mannerisms to childhoods to samples of dialog. All this even though I had no intention of introducing Dr. Helen Collins’ family or childhood, and since she’s already infected with the “zombie” symptoms, Dr. Collins would never be seen by the reader actually TALKING.

I thought the idea was down right asinine. But, since my partner generally refuses to stand behind my horrendous storytelling abilities, I thought I might humor her. The outcome is something truly amazing!

“among Others” is probably the most complex story I’ve ever attempted. Yet, the more I write, the less difficult it is. The best part, at least in my own selfish opinion? The entire plot follows much of what I’ve studied my last year of at UWM when I lost funding for many of my theories. Those theories were NOT overly outrageous. Frankly, I stole them from other political theorists. Problem was, most of the professors in my department thought I was full of it.

Now I’m living the best of both worlds. I get to consider “alternative” political theories AND write crappy fiction!

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