Novel Writing: How’s it done?

I’ve asked myself this very question frequently as of late.

Sure, it’s easy writing a first draft of a novel. All you do is build a skeletal version of a story. Sketch out basic plotlines, character traits, scenery, and any big ideas you need to include. Then, slam out about 2 to 3 thousand words a day. I work full time, have a wife, and a life. I still have time to do THIS part.

It’s the editing and touching up that I’m struggling with. I already have difficulty just rewriting what needs to be rewritten. Problems are expounded by the fact that I have to sync changing story lines as I wrote my first draft. I like so much of my first draft, it’s hard to part with, delete and COMPLETELY rewrite an entire chapter.

So, my question to all you other writers is: How the hell do you part with awesome scenes when they don’t match the polished story in your novel????

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