Novel Writing: Update

For both people who read my writing blog, know this: I’m within 20 pages of finishing my second edit of my novel “Among Others” or “Only Human”. By the end of next week, I will have a polished copy that I will submit to‘s “Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award” contest.

It’s free. It’s simple. And the potential payout is HUGE! Grand Prize in both General and Young Adult categories is a $15,000 book deal with Penguin Publishing! Free AND big payouts? As a starving writer, I’ll take this chance any day. The deadline for the the ABNA contest is an added bonus since it is becoming painfully apparent that this writer cannot write without deadlines.

As for this weekend???

I’m off for several hikes in the many canyons that Albuquerque and the surrounding area has to offer. Tomorrow morning, I’m setting off to the Petroglyph National Monument just a few minutes West of Albuquerque proper.

I’ll probably put up pics and vids and write a little about my visits as I’m also a closeted travel writer.

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