NSA Data Collection

I’ve been offline lately. Work, volunteer work, and life has been taking all my time. But the recent NSA data collecting and the resultant comments has led me to have to comment.

First, this is not a good thing and shouldn’t be taken lightly by Americans or any other person who believes in democracy in any true form. Data mining that borders on wire tapping skirts a Constitutional line that should have people rioting in the streets. Instead, we keep hearing the argument that “If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear.”

But you DO have something to fear. Why? The government is fishing. There are laws against such things. But apparently your government is above the law. In the event that someone you know kills another human being, you are suddenly an accomplice because phone records will quickly show (without the need of a warrant as of right now) that you conversed with the murderer for 2.52 minutes 13 minutes before the murder occurred. GUILTY!

Now lets move on to the popular argument that people like me who bitch that their personal information is being collected by government have no leg to stand on since we all use multiple social networking sites and give up our private information on a daily basis for free use of browsers, social sites, word processors, and the like.

To this I say horse crap. Here’s why.

Not only do I take great care in what I share on all sites. Only certain pictures make it to the Internet, while I delete all my hometown, current location, birth date, and the like. BUT, as much as one should fear sharing all their information with corporations for their profit, corporations still lack one very important item:

A Monopoly on the Legitimate Use of Force!

This still only applies to the federal government. When government collects your data, it cannot be used to benefit you by making things for you. It can only be used against you. Can this information be used to protect you? Yes, it can…the same way police doing random searches of your house protect you.

Remember, if you’re doing nothing wrong, it shouldn’t matter that police forced their way into your home to search for incriminating evidence. Besides, on the off chance that they bust down the door of a “terrorist”, then you can feel safer as a result of that door to door fishing expedition.

For those of you who need another take, check out DemocracyNow! video from today, June 10th 2013 on the NSA leak.

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