On the Road Again…

As many of you know, one of our cars, the one we traveled in, was put out to pasture a few weeks ago. Since then, we’ve been looking for a proper replacement. Not four days ago, we fixed that problem. We have a new car. It’s name is GeeGee, or G.G. or JeeJee. It’s another Scion xB. A little newer, automatic, and best of all, Cruise!!! I feel so damn lazy in an auto transmission with Cruise Control.

But we are back in our element. Today we drove 1.5hrs south to Gran Quivira. The quiet surreal environment makes me itch to quit my job, give up the world, and live in a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere New Mexico. How could you possibly NOT want to wake up to see something like this EVERY SINGLE MORNING OF YOUR LIFE!?!?!?

I’m thinking once my writing career takes off and I’m a million book author, we’ll pack it up and drive to the middle of nowhere and set up camp forever. Middle of this month we’re going to West for a week. The goal is the Grand Canyon. But frankly, we want to hit Grants, the New Mexico Bad Lands, and a few more canyons between here and the Grand Canyon. Whatever happens, happens.

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