Paperback Publication: The Devil Inside: A Short Story

94 Creations Issue 5

Back in December I had two short stories published in Black Mirror Magazine.

This month, I get my first physical paperback publication of a short story: The Devil Inside. My story will be featured, along with multiple other great writers, in 94 Creation‘s Issue #5 which comes out April 18, 2014.

The Devil Inside is the story of a “traditional” Southern mother of one whose daughter has turned into a rebellious teen of the worst sort. She doesn’t act lady-like, has stopped speaking to anyone, and cut her hair shorter than most men in their rural town. This Southern mother believes the scar on her daughter’s face is the sign of the Devil inside her. Then we learn of the Devil’s true nature.

You can head over to 94 Creations site to purchase a copy of the Issue 5 to read this twisted tale. Or if you’re so inclined, purchase a subscription.

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