Pitching my Novel

The time has finally come, folks.

With the zombie Apocalypse upon us, well, that is, if you DON’T believe the CDC, which I DON’T, it is time for my novel to be pitched to the world at large. I have but three short chapters to polish and a June 10th self-ascribed deadline. I AM pitching my novel…as a zombie novel.

For those of you living under a rock, it is true. The Zombie Apocalypse is finally upon us! Don’t believe me? Check it out!

Thus far, I’ve fought off the idea that my novel is about zombies. Why? Because my goal was not to write a zombie book but to write a book about a woman fighting for her freedom to exist. If Collins had been a black woman in the 50’s, nobody would call it a black book…well, I suppose that’s not exactly accurate either since there are ‘women’s’ sections and ‘black’ sections at the bookstores now.

What the hell is up with that anyway? Is it because the author is black or female that companies think that only black or female readers want to read it? Or is it just so nuance that blacks and women WRITE that corporations are getting together and saying “OMG! Black people have mastered complex thought and are now working on the intricacies of written language! How quaint. But to ensure they don’t overtake our old white guy authors, lets shove them into their own category like Horror or Science Fiction. That way, nobody will take them seriously no matter what they write.”

Wow, that was a rant I never intended in this post.

So, ZOMBIES. Yes! I’ve succumbed to the idea that the best way to pitch my novel is through stereotypes. Embrace the genre Collins finds herself in, and just call it as I see it. It’s a zombie book from the perspective of the zombie. Will there be blood? Gotta. Will there be gore? How else do you do zombies? Will you wonder about my sanity as a human being? If you haven’t already, I question yours!!!

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