Putting down the Keyboard for some Quiet Time

When I’m not struggling away as a copy editor for PRNewswire, or typing out my latest creation, I travel to quiet (and sometimes very loud) places in the U.S. Truth told, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get out and just be one with the elements and history and silence that makes your ears scream.

Today I found that release.

I’ve been to Salinas Pueblo Missions a number of times. But they are by far one of my favorite day trips from Albuquerque. There in an hour and 20 if you take the scenic back roads…WHICH YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TAKE. Then, even on a holiday like Labor Day, only a couple people ever go.

Quarai is the beautiful red brick structure here. Of course, what’s left of the pueblo is the mostly this church, a disturbing insight into colonialism at its worst. But the I really go for the pueblo itself, the quiet, paying my respect to a lost civilization, and alone time. Or at least, mostly alone…

These images don’t do justice. The whiptail lizard in the top image was about 6 inches long and let me get within a few feet before I feared ruining his day. We stared at each other for a good 10 minutes. He won the staring contest and I moved on. The caterpillar in the next pic was actually 5 inches long!!! He reminded me of a tomato worm.

But the coolest sight was this critter below. Have you ever heard of wasps that uses caterpillar and cockroaches as incubators and/or HORSES! Yes, it’s true. AND I FOUND ONE!!!

 Here you’ll see a wasp riding a caterpillar. I managed to scare the wasp off the poor critter. But it was DEAD. Zombie worm.

Don’t believe me? The same critters were on one of my favorite episodes of RadioLab.

Because I’m sure you’re sick of seeing creepy crawlers, and because my better half is making Black Market Cookies, I’m going to stop here.

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