Recent Writing Successes

I’m rarely one to speak of the successes of my life for two reasons:

  • Partly because I don’t think I’m that good.
  • Partly because good things seldom happen (aka see first reason)

However, the last couple of weeks have seen so many great things happening, that I need to talk about it to someone. And, by someone I mean the nobody that reads this blog.

First, I participated in a poetry open mic at Voices of the Barrio. Since one of my favorite slam poets, Marcial Delgado hosts this event, and since it was his poem about his mother that inspired me to write my most recent poem, I read that one. It was the first time reading it publicly. It was one I struggled to get through without losing my shit and crying like a little boy, but I did it.

Not only did my reading go well and many people support me afterward with with kind words and hugs. But ABQ’s Poet Laureate Jessica Lopez gave me a kudos!!! This is on par with someone meeting their favorite musician and having them say, “Dude, I like your riffs.”

Second, I’ve been participating in a 24 Hour Short Story Contest for about 3 years. It happens every quarter. I’ve never won, but nearly every one of those “losing” stories has been published elsewhere.

But this past week, I made honorable mention for a story I didn’t expect to place with because it’s a prequel to my as of yet unpublished YA trilogy.

Third, I participated in the Short Story Challenge. Round 1 results came out yesterday and I made it from 36 people into the top 5. So I move to Round 2. Round 2 start tonight.

In all, it’s been an amazing few weeks for my writing life. I’m hoping this continues. We shall see.

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