Religion in Politics, Politics in Religion

Pressures from religious leaders around the U.S. to allow tax-exempt organizations endorse political candidates brings up two seemingly separate, if not invisible, concerns.

First, by enabling endorsement of political candidates, you enable pre-tax “speech” moving from religious organizations to political candidates. Government therefore would be giving tax breaks to “political free speech” (according to the Citizens United conclusion by the Supreme Court) for already powerful religious entities. This tax incentive based speech is an implicit consent for–not any religion in particular–the already powerful religious institutions.

Second, derived from the first, is that the movement of politics into religion only encourages the opposite movement of religion into politics. The reason is because of the simple money/speech connection. Once a political leader is elected or reelected due to the “political free speech” by one religious entity will lead to the obvious “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” mentality that WILL lead to corruption and a connection that the Founders were adamantly against.

It allows the bleeding of religion into, not necessarily bringing the pulpit INTO Congress or the Oval Office, but instead, it provides a more direct and more legally acceptable connection, integration even, of religious power and leadership into political leadership in ways discomforting to anyone who examines history.

Be forewarned, this is a dangerous move. This will damage any sense of freedom you believe you have as an U.S. citizen. It hearkens back to the early days of European civilization when Church and State were not only inseparable, they were intimately linked and derived their legitimacy from each other in a coddling cyclical pattern.

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