Ride for Life to go Full Monty

It’s official. It’s public. It’s insane. It’s not original. 

I’m not the first author (or writer, at least) to use this gimmick of allowing you to follow along live in Google Docs. That prize goes to Silvia Hartmann. However, I have to say, last year I wrote my entire NaNoWriMo novel in Google Docs. I even wrote my entire 2010 NaNoWriMo novel using Google Docs. Though I’m not first to try this gimmick, I’m an early lover of Google Docs’ collaborative traits. 
The novel: Ride for Life
The Pitch (in progress): Jonathan Birmingham wants to learn to ride a motorcycle. It’s his direct support staff, Kid, holds the job to make his dream come true. While attempting to help Birmingham learn to live independently and, hopefully, learn to ride a motorcycle, Kid learns Birmingham is not who everyone says he is. Kid takes up the challenge to find answers about Jonathan Birmingham’s past. But before any answers are found, Birmingham disappears. 
The Gimmick: You get to watch me type up the next 50k words in the month of November during the 2012 NaNoWriMo competition. That means, you get to see all my bad writing, funny moments, hateful rages, and internal comments. Will you get to see the best writing in the world? NOPE! That’s not the name of the NaNoWriMo game.
Why?: Because I already use Google Docs, and, quite frankly, I’m willing to sell my soul to be discovered as an author worth publishing. 
The Catch: One catch. Because I’ve started the initial chapters of this novel, and NaNoWriMo doesn’t allow anything but “from scratch” submissions, you’ll only be able to follow chapters that are written in October during NaNoWriMo. Unless you frequent my blog and are willing to hunt them down, you’ll have to wait until publication for the beginning of this novel. 

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