Sci-fi and Travel

I’ve learned two valuable and very disturbing things about myself over the last two weeks.

First: Apparently I’m a Sci-fi geek. All these years I’ve read non-fiction political theory and serviced the better parts of my cerebral cortex. Then, by slight of hand, and theories that most of my professors disagreed with, I lost funding the my final year of graduate school. Don’t worry. I’m only MOSTLY bitter.

Since grad school I’ve sought out what my calling was. I reentered the world of writing. My partner rolled her eyes but said, if you’re gonna do it…Just FUCKING DO IT ALREADY!

But no fiction writer can write fiction without reading it. I started reading stuff like Jose Saramago, a Nobel Prize fiction writer that wrote all about political things…and he understood politics better than most with a PhD in the field. Trust me, I know a lot of them and read enough from others to know this is true.

Once I realized nobody else gave two craps about Saramago, I broadened my horizons. I stumbled upon Issac Asimov’s “Foundation,” the first in what is suppose to be the best Sci-fi series’ EVER. It’s amazing! Then again, it’s not totally because of the Sci-fi bit. It’s also completely based on the Roman Empire; only the names and places were changed in reality.

Second: I’m a Traveler at heart. There is nothing in this world I want than to see new things, do new stuff, be everything I wanna be.

Everyone in my family is unhappy with their lives. They work more than 40hrs a week, come home exhausted, eat, watch TV, go to sleep, wake up, and start the circle of misery all over again. I refuse to live like that. If you live to work, then you’re not living at all. Instead, you are the very wage slave Marx hypothesized so many decades ago.

We take day trips weekly. People around us are envious. They say “If only I had that kind of money.” To which we say “We owe 80k in school loans and my partner works part-time. We have no money. We still make it work.”

They say “If only I didn’t have to work so many hours.” I say “You don’t have to. We don’t.”

They say “I wish I had a job I liked. I hate my job.” I say “Then quit!” They say “I can’t. I have a family to support and bills to pay.” “I do, too. It’s like doing any hobby you love. If you love it enough, you’ll find time for it. I love living, so, I make time for it.”

I worked the same job for 10 years. I made more money than anyone else in my family. But I hated my work. So, in comes college, then graduate school. Now I have boat loads of student loans but I love my job. In the end, I bring home about as much as I did before after you take out the cost of student loans…but I’m happy!!!

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