Scrivener versus Google Docs

OK OK OK. I know you non-techies out there will say “Why the HELL are you using Google Docs for ANYTHING???”

Truth is: Google Docs has gotten really good at doing almost everything. And, frankly, I like having access to my documents, PowerPoints, Excel files, images, and any other file from any computer no matter where I am. Before Google Docs, I had to carry a freaking Flash Drive like a set of keys and HOPE I didn’t lose it or drop it into the hamper to be washed with other dirty laundry. And I don’t have to worry about versions or updating cause GDocs does that for me.

One of the bestest things ever though: If you computer suddenly crashes, or the continent you’re on is suddenly submerged in water, Google Docs saves the VERY LAST CHARACTER YOU TYPED! Microsoft Office can’t do that. Scrivener won’t do that. Whatever the hell Apple has won’t do that. For that, I use Google Docs.

Problem is: Docs is nothing more than a simple version of Microsoft Office. Now, with my second novel getting complicated, I have three different notebooks and Apps of notes, ideas and scribblings. I don’t have a giant cork or white board to plaster all my ideas in centralized place, and I certainly don’t have room in our tiny studio apartment. So what do I do?

Do I suck it up and buy Scrivener?

Granted, it’s only $20 for me since I have a NaNoWriMo discount. That’s next to nothing. Why, then am I even worrying about this? Two reasons.

One: I’m a cheap bugger. There’s nothing you can help me with here.

Two: Scrivener does not allow me the availability, access, safety, and security that Google Docs does. I can’t work on my Scrivener novel on the go, or with my smartphone, or on a friend’s computer while I wait for him to build a model airplane, or even assume if my computer crashes that my Scrivener novel and all its notes won’t be lost to the fateful Computer Gods.


4 thoughts on “Scrivener versus Google Docs

  1. I have to admit, Scrivener is a great product. If I didn't require the absolute mobility of Google Docs, I'd probably use it more often.

    Any document you work on in Scrivener saves as a strange file that is by itself not compatible with any other word processing software. Sure, you can export, import, and compile your file into a readable file, but I need more comparability

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