Short Story Submissions

With a “lull” in my weekly to-do list that usually includes appointments with any one of my three volunteer positions, my full-time job, writing, editing, and spending time with my better half, I found time this weekend to join Duotrope and start submitting my short stories at a faster clip.

This weekend, I found a dozen places to send any one of my short stories. One short story made it to several places today. My poetry will also find their way into the slush piles of literary magazines around the world in the coming weeks!

Does that mean I’ll be published by year’s end? Doubtful. But it does mean shit just got serious. I’m done pretending to be an author. It’s time to BE an author.

Four years ago, I decided to write books. Three years ago my wife told me to put up or shut up. Two years ago, I put up, joined a critique group (now up to several critique groups). Last year I joined SouthWest Writers Association. This year, I’ve sent my first novel to more than a dozen agents, became a Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo. I only have one thing left. PUBLICATION!


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