Southwest Writers and Submissions

What an exciting week for me as a writer. Sure, I have work which does not include writing. But wearing my writer cap, I’ve been busy.

First, NaNoWriMo is finally and officially over for 2012. I’m 50,000 words closer to a first draft for Ride for Life, which apparently will end up being a 100,000 word novel. But, I need a break. I’ve opened The Unpeople and hope to have a fifth and final polished draft ready for querying by the end of January.

This is my third year of NaNoWriMo. This year I convinced five of my writing buddies to join NaNoWriMo and give it a go. We all won! That’s 300,000 words between the 6 of us. And most of us work full time. We celebrated with wine and back patting on Friday. I love my writing buddies.

Second, over the last couple years, since I’ve threatened to become a serious writer, Southwest Writers keeps popping up. I met Kirt Hickman, an author (you can find his books here), at a local book signing about a year ago. Two years ago I met Kathy Kitts, Albuquerque’s Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo. This year I find out she’s president of Southwest Writers, and we’re on a first name basis! This past Saturday two fellow critique group buddies mentioned a talk put on by Southwest Writers. The three of us went.

After two years of threatening to join, I finally joined Southwest Writers. I’m now part of a nonprofit that is a perfect networking platform bringing writers together so we can all succeed.

Third, as soon as I came home from that talk, I hopped online and submitted a second short story, this time to the ABQ Arts magazine flash fiction contest.

Becoming a serious and respected author, rather than amateur writer, will be an uphill battle. But I’m ready. I’m willing. And I’m going to pretend I’m able until everyone else believes I’m able.

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