Story Ideas

Ideas come and go. Mostly go. And very little come.

Lately, I’ve been reading Saramago’s “Seeing” to prep for my NaNoWriMo story and because I’m a sucker for political fiction. Any fiction that makes one seriously reevaluate one’s understanding of self, humanity, or otherwise ill-questioned beliefs in life.

There is an idea that continues to dance just behind my eyes. It refuses to show itself except in tiniest specks and sputters. I wonder if it shall ever present itself in a matter I could interpret and set it to proverbial paper.

Do other writers have this problem? By other writers I of course I mean REAL writers, ones who produce and publish their work. Until people start reading my blog I’m forced to assume I’m alone, both in blog and in my fuzzy idea problem.

Two days from now I hope that writer’s block finds another host in which to fester. NaNoWriMo takes no prisoners, nor does it buckle for writer’s block or procrastination.

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