Traveled to Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

Six million years ago, this national monument was born. And what a sight it is. There are two hiking options when you get to this spot. It’s only an hour from Albuquerque and about 30 minutes from Santa Fe, so an easy drive. And none of it is off road driving unless you attempt to get to the Veteran’s Overlook. The overlook was great, but after walking the more difficult of the two hikes, I was a little tired to take pictures.

You start by walking up the side of this volcanic and igneous rock hill. Once you get to the base of the more difficult hike, you end up hiking through a slot canyon. The walls are probably at least fifty feet over head. 

 Below are two of these tent rocks with rocks sitting atop the tents. These two tents can be seen from the parking lot 2.5 miles down the hill.