The Best Scary Movies

There are two types of Scary Movies that I enjoy watching. Everything else is just fluffy goo droplets of leftover carcass.

1. The SCARY movie.

The first type of scary movie I love is the kind that could scare the living daylights out of Vietnam vet or the most calloused human on the planet. The ones that you wish you hadn’t seen. The ones that drill their way into your conscience and make you afraid to close your eyes when you take a shower.

Personal Favorites: The Ring, The Grudge, Halloween (including the Rob Zombie remake), Poltergeist, Saw (the whole series), Tale of Two Sisters, Fire in the Sky. Jacob’s Ladder, and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Don’t laugh. That creepy truck driver gave me so many nightmares as a child.

These movies made me lose more than my share of sleep. The nakedness doesn’t matter. The gore doesn’t matter. The fear factor is all that really matters at the end of the day.And I’ve seen enough scary movies that most just don’t do it for me. These ones still do.

There’s one other type of scary movie that does it for me…

2. B Horror Movies that hardly make it on to the B list, they are that bad.

You know the movie. The ones that are so damn bad, that are so poorly acted, that the special effects are so cheap, the story line is so unbelievable, and the dialog is so contrived, that it’s become a laughing stock of the film world.

One of the popular ones that always comes to mind is Evil Dead. It’s so bad it’s good. And Bruce Campbell is such a horrible actor that it just wouldn’t be the same without him. But this is only the tip of the comedy iceberg.

Favorites: Birdemic, Toxic Avenger, The Stuff, Thankskilling, Evil Dead (who doesn’t love this one), Little Shop of Horrors.

What are you favorites??? I seem to have reached the edge of my scary movie knowledge. I’m in desperate need for new scares and new laughs. Please help me out

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