The REASON I Write What I Write

My final year in graduate school, coupled with my recent travel through Navajo Reservation territory, forced me into writing the fiction I write. You might ask yourself how that happens. Let me tell you…

First, let me share this article I found the other day. You don’t have to read everything. Might I suggest reading only the bold type. Better still, look at the pretty picture the author provides. Then scroll down and read a few of the many comments to this article.

This article gets at a main focus of mine in graduate school: the idea that neoliberalism is more dangerous and Eurocentric than it’s compassionate suggestions imply. Basically, poor societies are not poor by their nature and chaotic governments in poor states are not chaotic because of their nature or inability to move in “a more appropriate direction”…usually toward liberal democracy with Christian-laden embedded.

Instead, poor societies and chaotic governments are as they are because of the treatment toward these societies by the West. The West is stable and wealthy and productive because of the resources it took, no, stole, from “the rest”. This is not a terribly difficult concept to imagine. Nor is it a mystery that the wealthiest Western states literally and liberally plundered Africa, South and Central America, and South and Southeast Asia.

However, for some reason, and this happens even with educated neoliberals and neoconservatives, the argument always sticks to “they brought it upon themselves.” It’s disturbing how this is so dramatically done.

I have even heard, and read, arguments that suggest “that is ancient history now!” Setting aside for simplicity’s sake that much of this ‘ancient history’ still happens today, the fact is that at the very least, this ‘ancient history’ happened 40 years ago.

How does one expect a civilization to be subjected to torture, destruction, annihilation, forced Westernization, destruction of their political systems, construction of Western run Western based political systems, and the pull out of those same political systems, and not be in utter chaos?

A friend of ours told us the other day that there was no reason to feel guilty for the blight of others. We ourselves did not cause this problem. She is accurate. I did not rape, kill, or destroy anything. The problem is, I do  feel guilty, and legitimately so. The reason is I still live in a system that benefited from and currently benefits from that destruction. I am a recipient of blood money!

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