Today I met a lot of great writers, amateur and published and everything in between. I’ll post later on my visit with them. It’s late. But I do want to give a huge shout out to the More Ink organizer: Robin Kalinich! And I do want to share my most recent attempt at poetry. One of two attempts written via prompts give by Robin during our creative writing session.

As you know, I’m no poet. I don’t generally like poetry, and would never walk around saying “I WRITE POETRY.” Yet, here I am, in the public blog-o-sphere, telling everyone just that.

“This is That” by Yours Truly

My real name is That.
Under my husk is something other than That: This.
This is Them. This is You. This is Him and Her.
This is anything but me.
This is what muscles under That.
That, being This: my willful self,
my inside voice,
my internal sunshine.
This is That.

If you don’t know, Robin Kalinich is a writer (buy her new book here) who also makes a lot of effort promoting other writers and artists of all types and styles through More Ink as well as Ink and Alchemy.