To Write or To Query, This is the Question

Obviously writers need to do both in order to be successful. That’s clear, and I’ve embraced this marketing side of writing. The problem is that, now that I have stuff to send out, how do I balance this? So, I ask you!

How do you balance writing/editing your work and writing/sending out query letters? 

I have a novel (and 3 more in finishing phases), short stories, and poems, all in search of homes. I’m the Humane Society of stories. I’ve also written quite a few query letters and found numerous places to send my work.

Here’s my idea (that I have not yet working into my routine):

Saturday: Chill and hang with the wife.

Sunday: More chilling…if wife is busy, maybe some looking for places to send my stuff

Monday: Edit/write. Because by Monday, I need to feel I’ve accomplished something, even if that means EDITING.

Tuesday: Querying and looking for places/people to query. Every writer needs to do some of this or they are just writing to themselves…and that’s only one step away from talking to yourself.

Wednesday: Open rejection letter emails. Then promptly get to writing/editing. Have a drink (to help keep the self-esteem in check after your rejection).

Thursday: Chores that I put off during the week of staring at my computer. In between chores, read some. Because, as anyone knows, reading is as essential to writing as the actual writing is.

Friday: Realize you haven’t done squat! Mix a stiff one early in the morning because that’s the only way to deal with the fact that I’ve squandered another full week of potential.

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