Traded my keyboard for hiking boots this weekend

Couldn’t have had more fun not writing this weekend than if I got arrested!

Albuquerque has enough open spaces, canyons, and national and state parks all within 20 miles of the downtown area that I’ve lived here a year and half and am still seeing things I’ve never seen before!

If it weren’t for my need to eat and sleep in reasonably safe shelters…and in turn, my need to have money to pay for such frivolities, I would travel the whole country. Hop in some beat up Jeep with my partner, keyboard, and a few great books and see everything this great landscape has to offer.

It’s weekend day trips like these that make me wonder why most adults are not happy with their lives. They live hating life, work, and everything in between. There is no reason for such tortured lives. Each of my four hikes cost me NOTHING, except gas. Since all four hikes were within 20 miles of Albuquerque, even that cost was muted.

God, I love traveling almost as much as I love writing.

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