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When I’m not writing fiction or working, I’m traveling with my partner. Since my brother’s wedding, my partner and I realized we wanted to “work to live” rather than “live to work” like everyone else in our lives.

We live by the mantra “Be See Do”!

What exactly is “Be See Do”????

It’s a variation on the old adage of “Work to live; don’t live to work”. But, the difference is that this Work to live phrase only encompasses the idea that one (actually EVERYone) should work just enough so they can do whatever it is they want to do rather than working bazillions of hours just to come home exhausted and hating your life.

Our motto of Be See Do takes this mantra a step further, or farther, whatever, depending on how literal you’re taking that step I suppose.

Be See Do stands for 3 things:

1. Be-ing: Be anything and everything you want to be. This isn’t some childhood preachy garbage you teach your kid who wants to be a pony when they grow up. This is God’s honest truth. Be what you want to be.

Loads of people say, “I want to be a writer.” When I respond, “Are you now?” the response is usually “I don’t have time for that.” To everyone who says they have no time I say BULLOCKS!

If Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone can be written on public transit to and from work, you can write.

2. See-ing: Our extended family can say little about what they’ve seen and done in their respective lives. Isn’t that sad? Again the comments pour in of “I don’t have time to go off traveling like some vagabond.” Again, Bullocks!

You don’t have to travel far and wide to see new things. Hop on, find other locals who are already seeking things to do in your town. Go to your local city/town hall and ask for historical information. You’d be surprised of the plethora of ways governments attempt to bring in tourists by way of the towns history. Just walk around! Walk down a street you have never walked down. GET LOST! There is no better way to find new things than by getting lost in your own town.

3. Do-ing: This, I have to admit, is part of my motto that I occasionally regret. This means I will do anything, I mean ANYTHING, presented to me as an option.

Couple cases in point: A couple we know recently had a baby (YAY!) Korean tradition (they are Korean) states that after 100 days, you have a huge dinner party with loads of traditional foods. That night I tried boiled pig’s feet, baby octopus, some sort of dried squid thing, and several things I can no longer remember (probably for psychological survival!!!!!). But I TRIED THEM! I can now SAY whether or not I like Green Eggs and Ham. Can you????

Another case: Last week we saw a young man hitchhiking from ABQ, trying to get to Wisconsin. We turned around, picked him up and drove him 60 miles out of our way to Santa Fe. Did we know him? No. Did we make him very happy? Oh yeah. Why’d we do it? Well, neither of us are all that certain. Partly because he needed something and we could help, partly because we really wanted something to do on a Saturday night and that seemed a reasonable way to end the day. Who needs to sit around the dining room table asking each other what they’re thinking…not us!!!!

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