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Authors will tell you that one of their least favorite part of writing (after writer’s block, Internet, distractions, writing, editing, shopping for more comfort food, gaining weight, losing weight, and marketing) is writing the short and sweet pitch. 

What’s a pitch? It’s the short, one sentence, explanation of your book. Gone are the days of yore when you could write lengthy pitches and still hold someone’s attention long enough to take a breath. Now you got to get in there and sell, SELL, SELL!
So, here are some Twitter pitches I’ve written. A twitter pitch does the same thing with even more restrictions! 140 characters, entire story, understandable, proper hashtag, specificity, and voice. 
Think it’s hard? Well, it is. But as a writer, that’s your job. Make words work for you if you have to drag them out to the shed and smack them around a bit.
Here are a few of mine. If you have favorites, let me know. If you have a better one for me, I’ll take your two cents there, too.
1. Collins becomes the voice of, and rebel leader for, zombies everywhere when she finds herself among the undead. Science Fiction #PitMad

2. Elections loom, the economy is faltering. Half the population is demonized. Dr. Helen Collins fights back. Science Fiction #PitMad

3. Abominations! Enemies of the State! Unnatural! What if your country turned on you? Helen Collins fights back. Science Fiction #PitMad

4. Thousands can’t speak and are labeled monsters for refusing to die. Helen leads the rebellion for freedom. Science Fiction #PitMad

5. Citizens infected, political strife, ethnic conflict. Collins tries to right wrongs, leading rebellion for freedom. Science Fiction #PitMad

PitMad is a particular hashtag that was for pitches today. Next week, there may be another pitch extravaganza. I’ve heard of several and participated in two. Obviously, it’s come to nothing thus far.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Pitches

  1. Thanks Tracy!

    I struggle with "Collins vs Helen."

    On the one hand, I don't necessarily want people to assume Collins is a first name. On the other hand, if I draw attention to her gender, then I'm no better than everyone else.

    As of late, whether I use her first name or not depends on who I have queried.

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