Wearable Books: tech helps you “feel” the character

Lets set aside the fact that the contraption you’d have to put yourself into looks like something crossed between a back brace and a torture device. Instead, we’ll get straight to the stupidity of this ingenious invention, the Wearable Book.

Wearable book: feel the emotions

Yes, in this day and age, “feeling the emotions of the characters you read” IS a good thing. These students’ heads were in the right place. Make books more enjoyable by increasing your sensations for the characters and the storyline. Problem here is the delivery.

Great books already make you FEEL THE CHARACTER without your having to attach a book to electrodes and techno-pychotropic machines. Haruki Murakami is someone I’ve mentioned before but he’s a prime example of “feeling the character”.

Once I put down a Murakami book, even after a chapter or two, I (and my wife when she reads him as well) am suddenly sucked into similar sensations as the main character. I can’t help but feel bad about myself if the character is down on himself, feel old if he feels old, feel confused if they are. Hell, 1Q84 STILL makes me question why in the world there aren’t two moons in the sky!!!! And to this day, thanks to Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, I have a craving for lemon drops.

How does he do it?

Well, for starters, he didn’t pay extra for the snug outerwear and electrical chord. He wrote characters that made you feel them. He wrote scenes that don’t seem to move the story forward, or ANYWHERE for that matter, because they do something else. They make you question who YOU are. He makes you ACTUALLY FEEL what the character is feeling. He does it naturally and beautifully.

Sadly, his craft is so rare we feel the need to step outside the realm of beauty and words to find another way to “plug in.” I, for one, refuse. I’ve been trying to emulate Murakami’s ability since I stumbled upon him 5 years ago. Please, for the love of humanity, don’t  buy this gadget if it becomes available.

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