White Papers

My work at ARCA has me spearheading a pilot grant-funded program putting Smartphone technology in the hands of some of the higher functioning adults with developmental disabilities. The Smartphones we use include very expensive, very new Smartphone apps to help these individuals use public transit, cell phones, Internet, and many other life tasks independently.

Because it’s such a new program in the field, or any field for that matter, my grant writer has asked me to write a White Paper with her. Problem is, I have no idea how to write a White Paper.

I’ve written dozens of short stories, hundreds of blog posts, emails, letters, two novels (though not yet had the testicular fortitude to publish them…YET), and two published academic papers. But never a White Paper.

I have lots of independent paragraphs, a few charts, cool graphs and diagrams, but no finished product. It’s driving me crazy! The only two books I’ve found on how to write White Papers cost $50 to $100 and no library in town has a copy of either of them.

I feel my creative juices are being tested. But they appear to be churning vinegar, not wine.

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