Writer Groups

Every so often you find a great writing group. Anything from a critique group that will look at or hear your work and give honest, constructive feedback to groups that just bolster support for your craft. Over the past two years, I’ve found two such small, tight-knit groups.

Sure, I run my own Novel Writers group, but the audience changes as often as I change my socks. This is not bad, but it means a certain amount of difference in its feel and construction. There’s a certain disconnect between you and the other readers/listeners.

WBWW is a private critique group pieced together from all walks of life. It spawned from a Meetup group in which we all still participate. We meet, critique, eat, drink, socialize, and just generally give each other a hard time in the most friendly of manners possible.

Yesterday started another group, a meeting of the minds/pens/keyboards of More Ink, fronted by Robin Kalinich. I met Kalinich on Google+ before we even knew we were both part of the same regional writer organization: Southwest Writers.

It’s still in it’s early stages, but I see this new group, which is closer to a writer support group with creative writing exercises than anything resembling a critique group, as something that will blossom into a great networking and learning experience. So my personal thanks to all my groupies! Both WBWW and More Ink.

If you’re a writer but have not joined a writer group of one sort or another, what are you waiting for? Part of being a good writer is getting input, growing as an artist, and, heaven forbid you get published, networking. Get out there, get known, get good, get friends, get life. Wow, I suddenly feel the ending to Trainspotting coming on. But I won’t do that to you.

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